Health Insurance for Families

Are you Paying too much for Health Coverage? Is COBRA squeezing you? Are you Uninsured because you’re fed up with rising premiums and sky-high deductibles on the Government-sponsored Health Insurance Marketplace?

Whatever brought you here, brought you to the right place.

Our affordable insurance products offer a Deductible-free, Zero Copay Solution for all of your day-to-day needs. In fact, the only time you’ll hear the word deductible is if you’re admitted overnight into the hospital.

Take a look at our Videos below to show the reason and benefit of Philadelphia America New Era Life Health Insurance and why your Health Insurance can be affordable.



As a broker for New Era Life Philadelphia America health insurance, a 96-year-old company, I am passionate about conveying the benefits of this private insurer. Dr. Bill Chen, the President, has been a Top Actuary in the country for decades. The policies available are focused on delivering the best possible value to the client.

Because I am a policyholder from New Era Life Philadelphia America, I have first-hand knowledge as to the value and benefits of this company. This makes it easy for me to speak with my clients from personal experience and be completely transparent.

Value propositions that make me different


✔ Plans are customized to your needs

✔ Assist small business owners (under 6 employees) with affordable options

✔ Children aging off parents’ health plans

✔ I enable my clients to speak with their medical providers in a way that causes more accountable services